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Divorce Attorney in Mount Holly, NJ

Going through a marital separation can be difficult, and it may be beneficial to hire someone that practices in the area of Mount Holly, NJ, divorce law. An attorney may be able to help make your divorce go a little smoother, which is why you should utilize the services offered by us here at Susan R. Dargay, Esq. Whether you've already decided to separate or you simply want some information on how to proceed with your marriage, the right attorney can offer you a number of answers.

Contact our office if you:

  • Want advice or information on custody laws
  • Are considering a divorce but aren't sure how to proceed
  • Are concerned about how to divide your assets after the divorce

Don't learn about Mount Holly, NJ, divorce law on your own. Instead, schedule an appointment with our staff at Susan R. Dargay, Esq. today to find out how we can help you protect your rights. We offer flexible business hours and prompt, reliable service so you can get the assistance that you need.